Final camera-ready papers submission date is June 30.

Attention: the paper can only be included in the CD proceeding if at least one author has registered for the conference in advance.

1. To submit the final copy of your paper, please start by downloading the templates you need:

Your paper should not exceed 6 pages. Any extra page will be charged 50$.

Follow those pdf links to find

We will prepare a Digest booklet to accompany the CD Proceedings for all participants of the conference. The Digest should give a very short summary of your publication. It is limited to 60 words and an image illustrating your work that will be printed with a maximum size of 2.5 x 2.5 cm.

2. After preparing your pdf files, log in to ConfMaster with your existing login information. A click on the disk symbol next to your paper ("View own papers") will lead you directly to the upload page.

3. There you will be able to check the compliance of your pdf file via IEEE PDF eXpress (access via the upload page of ConfMaster only, conference ID to access PDF eXpress is "aim07"). You will receive an email as a proof of your pdf file compliance. Please convert this email to pdf in order to submit it since you will need to upload this pdf file along with your full paper (instructions for the use of PDF eXpress).

4. Please also sign and scan the copyright forms for your paper and your digest and submit it as pdf file. The copyright form is available here. This form is also accessible via the upload page of Confmaster.

5. At the end, you will need to submit:
  • your full paper
  • your digest
  • the pdf file you received from IEEE PDF eXpress checker.
  • the two copyrights forms (one for your full paper, one for your digest).